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Training 4U2GROW powered by Marketopia is a game-changing sales training for technology companies just like yours. Overcome your competition’s most common challenges, including hiring and motivating sales professionals, making the most of cold calling, winning on social media and building long-term client relationships. Learn more about each B2B lead generation course so that your team can earn certifications and reach its true potential.

Become a Master of Sales & Marketing

As a current or aspiring sales manager, you should never stop improving your craft. The more you understand the many intricacies of sales and marketing, the greater success you and your team will have.

In these online sales training courses, we’ll cover everything you need to know about becoming or preparing to become a master sales manager.

Become the Master of Selling

Do you love figuring out what it takes to make that difficult sale? As a sales professional, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for what you do, but the right approach can turn a tough customer into a satisfying sale. The key is finding the best and shortest way to close a sale.

In these lead generation courses for sales professionals, we’ll cover everything you need to know to become a talented sales professional.

Know How to Deliver your Message

As a marketing professional, your finger must always be on the pulse of what’s current in the channel. You must be able to analyze what is new and what you know to get your message out there. Are you up to the task?

With marketing professional courses online, we’ll make sure you are by covering everything you need to know to become a seasoned marketing professional.

Become a Master of Business Development

Communication is key in building any relationship. The relationships you form with other businesses are no different. As a business development professional, you need great communication skills in everything from listening and relating to asking the right questions.

In this certification series, we’ll provide you with the business development training courses you need to become a talented development professional.

Be in the Know

Knowledge is power. Applying it greases the wheels of your growth machine. As an account manager or virtual chief information officer (vCIO), you are a repository of information. You have to be able to access and apply what you know at a moment’s notice. Are you prepared to be everyone’s go-to person?

In these account management training courses, we’ll cover everything you need to know to become a resourceful and certified vCIO/Account Manager.

The Tools You Need 4U2GROW

This course provides an advanced exploration of the channel for early and mid-career channel managers. The curriculum targets vendors that prioritize a strong channel team, minimize direct/indirect conflict, and have clear rules of engagement and clear policies for deal protection.


Give yourself the skills to close the deal through lessons like:

- “I Built It – Why Aren’t They Coming?” The Importance of PPC

- Leveraging Vendor Co-Marketing Funds to Increase Sales Growth

- Best Practices Lead Generation: Inside Sales Calling & Appointment Setting

- Building a Referral Network for Your MSP Business

- Finding, Growing and Developing Successful Sales Professionals

- Operational Excellence: 10 Important Numbers to Watch

Sales Management

Become the guiding light for your sales team through lessons like:

- Sales Process Best Practices: From Lightly Engaged Prospects to Profitable Clients

- Define Leads – Deliver Results

- Quality vs. Quantity – What Does Your Business Need?

- Selling Solutions that Deliver More Profit

- The Benefits of Outsourcing Your BDR Team

- Growing Your Business: There’s No Such Thing As Impossible


Discover how easy it is to get your business out there through lessons like:

- How to Put Together a Marketing Strategy That Delivers Results

- Search Engine and Social Media Marketing Best Practices

- Leveraging PR to Grow Your Business

- Increase Sales: Building Your Personal and Business Brands

- Millenials in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

- Know When to Say When to a Rebrand

Business Development

Close every deal with greater ease through lessons like:

- Marketopia Sales Methodology: A Deep Dive

- How to Create the Ideal Prospect List

- Building Business Relationships Through Networking Events

- The Power of Strong, Easy to Sign Proposals

- Setting Up Your Appointment Setter for Success

- CAN-SPAM, GDPR and other Compliances to Follow

Account Management

Get a better grasp on your current accounts through lessons like:

- Leveraging Sandler Sales Institute Techniques to Improve Sales Performance

- Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

- Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

- Mastering the First Meeting to Uncover All the Opportunities

- Secrets to Metric Based Management

- Conversation That Sells: Word of Mouth Referrals

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