Marketopia Certified Business Development Professional Course

Communication is key in building any relationship. The relationships you form with other businesses are no different. As a business development professional, you need great communication skills in everything from listening and relating to asking the right questions.

Dive into the B2B Lead Generation Course That’s Right for You

Are you ready to advance the careers of your employees and speed up your business growth?

Training 4U2GROW powered by Marketopia is a game-changing sales training for technology companies just like yours. Overcome your competition’s most common challenges, including hiring and motivating sales professionals, making the most of cold calling, winning on social media and building long-term client relationships. Learn more about each B2B lead generation course so that your team can earn certifications and reach its true potential.

Know How to Deliver your Message

- Marketing Best Practices

- Business Strategy

- Putting Together a Marketing Strategy

- Digital Marketing’s Hottest Trends

Lessons Covered in this Course


In this certification series, we’ll provide you with the business development training courses you need to become a talented development professional.

Prospecting Basics

Increasing Sales

Sales Team Success

Overcoming Cold Calling

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